I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money

I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money

I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money : Divorce is one of the very big issues a family has to go through. It is certainly not easy and can put a lot of stress on the people involved. Plus, since there are many legal things involved, it becomes difficult for the ones going through it. A lot of steps need to be taken, right from hiring a lawyer to finally filing a divorce.

A very common question asked in this regard is I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money.

It goes without saying that with divorce, the entire procedure would require different types of costs in all the stages. There are certain fees for filing a divorce application, and then you have to pay for the attorney. This can all be very expensive for many people.

But the good thing is, there are a number of ways in which the divorce process can be completed for free of cost. Yes, you read that right. You can get a divorce free of cost. It is possible to get a free divorce lawyer for low income families. There are several ways like government programs, legal aid society, volunteer lawyers, city bar association, and so on to help you get pro bono divorce lawyers for free.

How To Get a Divorce Lawyer With No Money

If you think ‘I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money,’ then worry not. Below are some of the ways you can get legal aid divorce lawyers with no money. Keep reading further to know more.

Get a Divorce Lawyer With No Money
Get a Divorce Lawyer With No Money
  • Obtain Free Divorce Forms

Did you know that you can actually get free divorce forms to apply for no cost lawyer? You can find these types of forms at the nearest local or family court. By filling and submitting such forms, you can get help from low income lawyer for your divorce case.

You can easily get these forms from the clerk present in the nearby court. You can get more information about a free divorce lawyer and ways to get low income divorce lawyers from the clerk. Do not hesitate to reach out to them.

  • Submit Financial Proof

If you want to get a probono divorce attorney for free, you can apply for it by stating that you cannot afford a lawyer financially. However, with that, you will also have to submit proof for the same. You will have to provide valid information about your financial status. You can show your current income, real estate, and other assets, as well as debt.

If the financial information provided by you satisfies the court and they believe that you cannot yourself afford a divorce lawyer, then you will be given a lawyer who can work for your case without asking for any fees.

  • File For Fee Waiver

You can also file for a fee waiver with the help of the clerk in the court. You will have to fill in an application form for a fee waiver. The court will check your application, and then if the information filled in is correct, then you can get a fee waiver.

Just make sure that the information you have filled in is correct, as any discrepancy of information can result in disqualification. Once your financial help is proven, you will get a free divorce lawyer.

  • Divorce Fee Waiver

People who cannot afford a divorce lawyer’s fees can get a Divorce Fee Waiver. This can be done in any part of the US at the state level. In order to get such a fee waiver for divorce, certainly, the applicant will have to submit and prove that they belong to the low income level. Once you get done with these formalities, you can get Divorce Fee Waiver.

You can contact the clerk of the court to seek help from them by explaining to them your financial condition. The clerk will convey to you all the crucial information regarding the divorce fee waiver. You can submit all the documents asked and hire a divorce lawyer with no money.

Other Free Ways To Resolve Divorce Case

There are various other ways using which you can get a divorce without paying anything. You can check out the below options using which you can get a free divorce with no money.

low income divorce lawyers
low income divorce lawyers
  • Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers

For those of you who do not know, Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers are free lawyers. These lawyers work voluntarily for various cases. They generally help low income people with divorce and other cases. This can save you the cost of a divorce lawyer.

  • Go For Mediation

In a lot of cases, divorce can be resolved simply by mediation. It is one of the ways using which a divorce case can be settled without having to pay for anything. If both the parties can agree with their differences and come to a middle ground, then this will save both of them a lot of money and all the court formalities and hassle.

You can simply hire a mediator who can arrange for the mediation, and you will not have to pay for the lawyer or divorce fees at all.

  • Government Help For Divorce

In all the states, you will find legal Aid Divorce Help, Legal Help society, state and city bar association, volunteer lawyers, etc., who are ready to help low income people. You can ask for help from someone who has already been through a divorce. They might be able to help you more. You can also check for lawyers online or by asking friends.

Lawyer Rates

You will be surprised to know that the rates of lawyers differ in different states and according to the complexity of the case. Some cases involve the custody issues of the child for the mother and father, and hence they have put in more effort in such cases.

The way of charging rates is also different for different lawyers. Given below are some of the most common types of rates that lawyers use. You can refer to them to get more insights about the lawyer’s fees and check with your budget.

  • Flat Rate

A flat rate or flat fees is one of the most common types in which a lawyer’s fees are charged. This is the rate when the lawyer is not charging an hourly rate. You can go with the flat rate of a lawyer if you can afford it.

  • Hourly Rate

Some lawyers use an hourly rate for their fees. As the name suggests, this amount is charged against an hour. You can have some negotiation talks with your lawyer if this is the type of fees they charge. However, note that this rate can differ depending upon the complexity of the case. Generally, the price range for the hourly rate can be between $50 to $300.

  • Contingent Fee

Another common type of fees charged by the lawyer is the Contingent Fee. Such a fees is beneficial for the one approaching the lawyer as the chances are that the lawyer will put all of their efforts into winning the case. After you have won the case with the help of your lawyer, a percentage of the amount will be deducted from the cash amount as a negotiation you agreed to pay as contingent fees to the lawyer.

  • Average Lawyer Retainer Fee

Average Lawyer Retainer Fee is the lawyer’s fee when the lawyer will get an amount of money before going to your case. This type of fees is adjusted with the hourly rate. Some of the lawyers out there accept this type of fees so as to support your case and bear the costs of evidence, papers, and other documents that require cash.

divorce assistance for low income
divorce assistance for low income


Can you get a divorce if you have no money?

Yes, you can get a divorce if you have no money. In fact, in some cases, you do not even need an attorney to get divorced. You can go for an online uncontested divorce if you have no money. Another option would be to appear in the court and tell the judge about what all you have agreed with a spouse.

Can a low income person get a divorce lawyer?

Yes, a divorce fee waiver is available for low income people who cannot afford to pay for a divorce lawyer. The low income person will have to submit the proof of low income and make sure at court levels.

Where can I get a lawyer for a divorce?

You can get a divorce lawyer from legal help society, state and city bar, legal aid, Divorce Help, and Volunteer lawyer, and so on.

Can you get a pro bono divorce lawyer for free?

Pro Bono lawyers are a great help when you are not getting a lawyer at free of cost. You can look and do some research and get a pro bono divorce lawyer for free of cost.

Concluding Words

I hope you all have found the above article of use and we could help you with your query ‘I Need a Divorce Lawyer and have No Money.’ In case you have any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Also, if you know of any other ways through which one can get help with divorce lawyer fees, do mention them in the comments below. It will be helpful for many.

Stay tuned with us for more such helpful articles!

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